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Ticket kopen voor evenement Silk Route Comedy Tour at International Center Tilburg

Silk Route Comedy Tour at International Center Tilburg
Organisatie : fedor

€ 8,75 - € 10,75


Tilburg got itself a guaranteed night of laughs as four international stand up comedians will bring their comedy tour to the International Center Tilburg. Tracing their influences and experiences from the ancient SILK ROUTE in the Himalayas, they will trade their tales from places far and beyond to spread joy, enlightenment and laughter. The wisdom and follies of these wanderers is a treat for those who like to laugh hard. Our regular merchants of laughter Hermes and Fedor are accompanied by two talented guest comedians Ákos Erdősi and Rami Nima.

Hermes Ahmadi is an Afghan refugee, who lives and works in the Netherlands. Hermes honed his skills with the microphone while studying sociology. A very sought-after act in the Netherlands, Hermes's energetic and powerful delivery has made him a favorite on the festival-circuit. His success has further motivated him to take up comedy as a profession. 
Hermes also regularly performs in Dutch. No matter where or in what language Hermes decides to be funny in, he always delivers  a performance that leaves them laughing. Hermes states that his aim is to use comedy to make his life, “something slightly more enjoyable.”

Fedor Ikelaar always felt a bit out of place in his native country Netherlands. So, a few years ago he left home to live in Nepal, where he feels even more out of place. Nowadays, he is one of the biggest English language comedians in Nepal, as he is quite tall. A full-time touring comedian, Fedor regales audiences all over the world with stories of being surrounded by spiritual Nepalese, opium dealers and forgotten hippies. He mostly fits himself one of the aforementioned categories except at international airports ~ where he goes back to holding on to his Dutch passport.
Fedor founded Top of the World Comedy, and recently organized Nepal’s first international comedy festival. As a co-founder of the Nepal-based comedy collective, Comedy Tuk Tuk, he tries to help up-and-coming local talent by staring down at them.

Ákos Erdősi, 19 years old and yes his parents know that he left the house for the evening to do comedy. He is from Hungary and grew up in Poland so speaks both languages fluently which means that nobody understands his... literally. Currently he is studying political science at UvA. His main goal is to eventually unite people through comedy and to make corruption available to all social classes. Fishing and Hunting magazine described him as '' What is this guy doing in our magazine? He is not even a fisherman! One star''

Rami Nima is mixing the dark with the weird and lacing it all with clever punchlines in a hilariously dry tone. Rami won't convince you of anything. His method is subtle and will disorientate you in an unusual way.



Wed, 04 Dec, 2019
20:30 - 23:00



International Center Tilburg
IJzerstraat 21

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